First AJT seminar in Georgia

First AJT seminar in Georgia and first working meeting of AJT Parliament were held in late June. For Jewish teenagers from Georgia, it was a good opportunity to get acquainted with the global Jewish youth movement AJT (Active Jewish Teens), to feel themselves as part of AJT existing in addition to Georgia, in Ukraine, Russia, Moldova and Belarus. Meetings with new people, training, evening events created by participants, Shabbat and Havdalah. Development of creative thinking, features of leadership and madrichim, teambuilding, planning, writing projects for own communities, Jewish education … this all was mixed with positive atmosphere in the first AJT seminar in Georgia.


Jewish teenagers from Georgia had the unique opportunity to meet with the youth parliament AJT almost at full strength, and to hear about plans and prospects of development of the movement, to know how the Parliament can help them in Georgia, as well as get answers to their questions.

Speaking of the first working meeting of Parliament AJT (AJT Government) we can say that it was very hard but fruitful work that was going almost without interruption from 9 am until late at night. And there are already first results of Parliament work. Principles, values and basic objectives of a democratic youth parliament were formulated, including: activation of regions to attract teens, creating a unique and unforgettable AJT atmosphere, Jewish education, creation of new AJT areas of work and quality system of response to the needs of teenagers.


During the working meeting, AJT Constitution was established and a system of local self-government was formed. Parliament proposes to introduce system of local self-government in all AJT cities. System of local self-government (SLSG) – is the formation in each city group of people who will have certain responsibilities and opportunities in their teenage club. Roles in SLSG: creator of ideas – this person is a generator of ideas of different projects, events and meetings in his teenage club. logistician – will deal with organizational issues and will assist in the organization of events and programs of AJTravel direction. Informer – will be responsible for the involvement of teenagers in the youth club, engaged in PR, will disseminate information about the club among the city’s youth. These people solve all important questions primarily with the head of the club, and clearly they have to interact with each other to implement their ideas. All processes inside this group of people will be controlled by senior madrich, who will help to organize and will coordinate their actions and also will report on what is happening in the youth club to congressman of the region. In those cities where there is a congressmen, he serves as a senior madrichim of his club. And everybody will not only initiate, but also implementing own ideas.

Also, one of objectives, the Parliament has identified is cooperation with other teenage movements and organizations. AJT work continues, and FSU Youth Movement invites all organizations interested in development of partnership for joint building of promising future for cities, regions and countries.