A conversation about history by Prof. Jan Grabowski and Prof. Jan Tomasz Gross

[in Polish with English subtitles]

Jewish.pl and Czarne Publishing House invite you on May 18 (Monday) at 7.30pm (Warsaw time) for an online conversation of Prof. Jan Grabowski (University of Ottawa) and Prof. Jan Tomasz Gross (Princeton University) about their research of history of the Holocaust, about Polish-Jewish relations and their own experiences as historians.

The starting point for the conversation is the publication of the latest book by Prof. Jan Grabowski “On Duty. The participation of the Polish blue and criminal police in the extermination of Jews” (Wydawnictwo Czarne). Historians will share their own experiences related to the study of the history of the Holocaust. They will discuss the remaining areas of the history of the Shoah which need to be explored and will talk about the books which need to be written. They will discuss their views on Polish-Jewish relations and the problems related to the current “history policies” in Poland.

Two intellectuals, authors of widely discussed books will share with the viewers their view of the past and the present.

The meeting will be broadcast on the YouTube channel of Jewish.pl https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB9CwlRYwq8lowjbyA4S0bw (with English subtitles), on Facebook of Wydawnictwo Czarne https://www.facebook.com/WydawnictwoCzarne/ and Facebook of Jewish.pl https://www.facebook.com/JewishComPl/.


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