POLIN Museum’s debate: Whose legacy is it?

Polin museum debate

Soon, POLIN Museum will open a new section of its core exhibition called the Legacy Gallery. The gallery will be devoted to the Polish Jews whose accomplishments exceeded their times and cultural field, among them Julian Tuwim, David Ben-Gurion, Rosa Luxemburg, Ludwik Zamenhof or Helena Rubinstein.

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17 January (Sunday) 8:00 PM CET

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Why them and not others? Why is the gallery being opened now, and how does it correspond with the presentation of the 1000-year history of the Polish Jews? On 17 January, Professor Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, chief curator of the POLIN core exhibition, Professor Dariusz Stola, former director of POLIN Museum, and Dr Tamara Sztyma, POLIN Museum curator will answer these and many other questions.

During the meeting—moderated by Jacek Żakowski, journalist of “Gazeta Wyborcza” daily and “Polityka” weekly—the guests will talk about the difficult process of creating the new gallery and about the challenges they faced while working on the selection of its protagonists and themes. They will talk about the earlier concepts for the gallery and the controversies they stirred. By presenting the Legacy gallery before it formally opens, we encourage our audience to reflect upon the achievements of Polish Jews and the impact they exerted on both Jewish and Polish communities, and on the entire world.

The meeting will launch the POLIN Legacy program planned for the year 2021 and aimed at educating the Museum audience on the impact the Polish Jews made on art, science or politics. The individuals presented in the new exposition and their oeuvre will be discussed during numerous debates and meetings. Their compositions will be performed during concerts held at POLIN Museum. POLIN Museum has also planned guided tours of the exhibition, discussions devoted to books, film screenings, urban walks and family workshops.

The Legacy Gallery is dedicated to the Polish Jews’ contribution to world heritage. POLIN Museum wishes to recall individuals whose achievements constitute a lasting legacy for all of us today, and for the future generations. The museum will present their unique biographies which often reflect the historical turmoil of the times they lived in. At the same time, we want to look at those luminaries from the perspective of their Polish-Jewish roots. The twenty-six individuals featured in the “Legacy” Gallery represent creative achievement in many fields: art, literature, music, film, theatre, science and the humanities, law, education, economics, politics. Their life’s work has had an enormous impact on the Polish, Jewish and global civilization.

More information about the Legacy Gallery available at https://polin.pl/en/the-legacy-gallery.


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