Israeli Poland guides on Łopuchowo incident

Fot. uricovagerev / Twitter

Following the incident the Israeli Poland guides association approched Senior Officials in the Ministry of Education requesting a public condemnation of the event and to have an enquiry of the incident.

“The flag left in Łopuchowo forest bearing the inscription “Death to the left” took the Polish journey slogan- “I am seeking for my brothers” in to the abyss. As partners to the educational process underlying idea of sending youth delegations to Poland and instilling values of respect for human beings, we see this event seriously, together with a series of other unusual events that occur, unfortunately, during visiting Poland.

It is clear that the event marks a failure of the choosing process of the participants attending the event, their preparation for the journey, the messages they recieved during the journey, understanding the essence of the trip and its objectives and supervision of staff and members of the delegation to prevent such an event.

We ask for a thorough investigation un order to find the one responssible for this event and, if necessary, after studying the issue also punishment and publication. Only sunlight (advertising shameful acts and measures taken in consequence thereof) will reduce the unacceptable phenomena of this kind.

The event cannot remain , We believe, without any response from the Ministry of Education. We, Poland guides, expect the highest levels in the ministry of education to condemn the event publicly and by massages to school principals, youth organizations and delegations managers declaration that it will not act.”