Galicia Jewish Museum: Holocaust Remembrance Day

Almost half of the world population does not know about the Holocaust. A third of the ones that know about it does think that it was exaggerated or not completely true…

We hold the belief that remembrance and actually embracing the memory is an issue of extreme delicacy in the current times. The term fascism is widely used to denigrate your political opponent, the Holocaust is remembered in a way that allows you only to feel pity and shame, having you wondering about the reason that lead to it happening without actually entering and understanding the issue.

During the Holocaust Remembrance Day on Sunday 28th of January, in the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, we would like to invite you to Galicia Jewish Museum to meet and debate with us.

We will deepen in the roots of the Holocaust – why did it happen? What was the line of thought that led to this horrific act of mass murder? Where was it rooted? We will also try to address the way of thinking that survived the holocaust until the present time, discrimination and hate speech that still endures nowadays. We will move from the concentration camps to the shores of Europe, to the walls in Mexico and other countries where the fear of the “other” still plays an important role.

If you want to remember and learn join us on Sunday 28th of January at 14:00, in the Galicia Jewish Museum (Kraków, 18 Dajwór Street).



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